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New Artist Submission

At ShineLibrary, we nurture and support our artists in their creative work. Join our select roster of composers and enjoy working with a new music licensing brand and innovative e-commerce company.

ShineLibrary it’s a new Mark, but the people that it represent are very experienced.

Before you submit, please verify the following:


Is your music 100% original?

You must own and control 100% of the copyright in both the composition and master recording of the music.
Sound-alikes and samples are NOT permitted.


Is your music exclusively available?

We do not accept any music on a non-exclusive basis. You may submit tracks that have already been placed elsewhere as examples of your work, but we will require exclusivity on all tracks added to the library.


Is your music free of 3rd party rights?

We act as the exclusive music publisher for the compositions in our library, promoting and representing them to our clients worldwide.
If your music has the potential to match our needs, a member of our music content team will reach out to you with details on how we can work together. If, unfortunately, your music does not fit well with our library, due to volume and time restrictions we cannot expand on the reasons we are not accepting your tracks.

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insert your artist name
insert your surname here
your best email address



Insert your tracks links here.

They can be links to Soundcloud, Youtube, Dropbox, Google drive or other file sharing systems.

Please do not send files with Wetransfer or other expiring systems because we cannot guarantee the download and listening of the tracks within a few days. All expiration file sharing systems will be ignored.



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Please specify if you're affiliated to any PRO
Are your music already present in other music licensing platform?



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