Music for children | simple structures and easy to remember melodies

Music for children | simple structures and easy to remember melodies

It is well known that music can make a video, a story, a game… more engaging, let alone when we are talking about entertainment for children! Music for children is a vector of fantasy, and makes young users more curious and full of expectations. Italy has great experience in creating music for children, just think of all the cartoon theme songs.
But children’s music is more than that, it represents a vast field that gathers a great number of styles, whose origins are lost in the dawn of civilization.

A bit of history

It must be kept in mind that music for children has always existed, just think of lullabies… Not infrequently, poems, nursery rhymes and traditional stories, which often had the purpose of passing on information and stories of their own culture, were in fact accompanied by simple and easy to memorize melodies or were sung directly.
These musics, which are spread all over the world, have developed common characteristics that include the simplicity of the composition and a strong importance of the melody.
We emphasize that this genre of music has mainly two goals:

Music for children to educate and entertain

Music for children often has an educational purpose and is intended to help children understand how they should interact with the outside world and learn to better understand their surroundings. Let’s think, for example, of the famous song “In the old farmhouse” which teaches children the names of animals and their respective verses…
This type of music, as mentioned above, should not be too complicated from a technical point of view but simply enveloping and fun, a nice entertainment, a sort of moment of leisure and play. It may seem like a small thing but it is really very important for children to feel relaxed and at ease. In fact, it is in that positive frame of mind that they will be best prepared to learn!
On our shine-library platform you can find a variety of songs for little ones. In addition we have created a themed collection: Royalty free songs for kids | “Music for Kids Collection”.
In this way you can create, for example, nice videos for children, or a suitable background music for parties or plays, or find the right soundtrack for a new cartoon, etc..