Tarantella dei mille

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  • Producer: Carmelo Salemi
  • Views: 1522
  • Type: Acoustic, Easy Listening, Folk, Sicilian

The tarantella is a lively and energetic traditional dance from Sicily, Italy. It is typically played by a group of musicians using a variety of instruments, including the Sicilian flute, marranzano, and accordion.

The Sicilian flute, or "friscaletto," is a small wooden flute with six finger holes and a unique, high-pitched sound. The marranzano, on the other hand, is a metal instrument shaped like a horseshoe. It adds a rithm and funny tone to the music. The accordion, a staple of traditional Italian music, provides the driving rhythm and adds a touch of whimsy to the lively tarantella.

The tarantella played by these instruments is a joy to listen to, with its fast-paced and energetic melodies.

Carmelo Salemi is a talented composer from Sicily who has written many beautiful pieces for these traditional instruments. His tarantella is a perfect example of the lively and energetic music of the region. The combination of the Sicilian flute, marranzano, and accordion creates a lively and joyful sound that is sure to get your feet tapping and your heart racing.

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