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Emotional music | The language of emotions

Apr 02, 2021 by Vera Sorrentino - 0 Comments

Emotional music | The language of emotions

Very often we hear about emotional music, but what does that mean?
Music is part of our life. It is present in our everyday life, in the most important moments of our existence and in the simplest ones.
We all have a “special” song. To each of our moods corresponds a song or a musical genre.
Since ancient times, man has quickly realized how music could affect his soul.
The power of music was grasped immediately: from tribal dances with

obsessive rhythms, to religious music for moments of recollection, rhythmic exalting music and military marches to elate.
Music affects our psychological level, it acts on our energy, which in turn affects our state of mind and our emotions.
Many techniques are born from these principles: music therapy for example. We listen to music to relax, to concentrate, to celebrate something and also to cry and vent.
“Tu chiamale se vuoi…emozioni” (Lucio Battisti)
Music has become so much a part of our daily lives that we now take its presence for granted.

Just think of the wedding march at a wedding, the happy birthday song, the lullaby.
And again, we listen to music on the radio on the way to work, with earbuds in the gym, at the hairdresser.
Many people listen to music even when they are working and studying.

Music and Emotions

Who has never cried to the notes of a song after a relationship has ended?
Who has never dedicated a romantic song to their partner?
How many people remember the summer vacations thinking back to the most popular hits of that year?
It is really unlikely that someone has never danced the macarena by the sea!
Even in sad moments, when we are down in the dumps, the simplest thing we can do is turn up the music and think about nothing!

Even when we watch a movie, the emotions and feelings we feel are often triggered by the soundtrack.
If we think of Titanic, “My heart will go on” by Celine Dion comes to mind.
At this point, if you feel like getting emotional, we invite you to visit our emotional music section.

These tracks have been created through different composition techniques: minimal and complex arrangements, electronic and classical sounds.

Let yourself be carried away by our royalty free emotional music: from the tracks “80’s Dreams”, “Piano Angelica” and “Bamboo and Spices”, included in the soundtrack of the movie “Cristiano Rolando” which is now on Amazon Prime Video, to “Frai silenzi di uno sguardo”, the song that won the National Festival of Italian Song Premio Poggio Bustone 2014, dedicated to Lucio Battisti.

The goal of this music is to arouse strong emotions! We are waiting for you!

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