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Soundtrack | the frame of every great picture

Jun 09, 2021 by Vera Sorrentino - 0 Comments

Soundtrack | the frame of every great picture

Think of your favorite movie, your favorite video game, or your favorite YouTube video. What comes to mind? The color of the images? Its absence due to the use of black and white? The experience of spending time with it? Or maybe the music it contained? After all, the soundtrack is the frame of every great picture!

The soundtrack is a fundamental part and component in each of these works. It is able to fix emotions and bind images to a sound, which often – it is the case of those pieces that make history – survive the era of release of the film or video game, becoming absolute evergreens.

How important is the soundtrack?

In cinema since the beginning

Early cinema was never silent. Although there was no dialogue, the images were always accompanied by the music of an orchestra.

It was already clear how important the audio element was. Be careful not to think that music in cinema serves only to punctuate dramatic or epic scenes and to occupy scenes that lack dialogue. Every soundtrack plays many more roles.

What does a soundtrack do?

Regardless of the type of media it accompanies, the soundtrack is able to orient the senses; prompt questions and clarify relationships and relationships within the dramaturgy.

It is she who connects the various scenes, setting tones and moods. She knows how to intensify the effect of the dialogue and its eventual drama; she ensures a sense of space and time to orient us; she emphasizes all movements; she represents real noises or diegetic musical moments – therefore real – and above all, she plays a role of commentary. By anticipating events, building dramatic tension and adding meaning to the image, it is able to draw our attention, creating a solid basis for identification.

The Right Soundtrack

How do you create a memorable and successful soundtrack? This is not an easy question. It starts with an analysis of the emotions that the images arouse in the composer or music selector and tries to make them music.

This is a real profession, not suitable for everyone and with unparalleled professionals.

When looking for the music to accompany our video, we must be careful, especially if we choose to use music not unpublished, but composed by others.

In the black hole of licensing

You’ve just made a video and you’re looking to add some worthy music that would enhance it. You know a song that would be just right for you and you’d like to use it. But can you do it? Do you need permission? Who can you contact to get it? How much will it cost you? There you are in the black hole of licensing.

The best way to get out of it is to use royalty-free music, such as the one we offer here. Choosing it is easier, safer and cheaper. Wouldn’t it be better to use a famous song, maybe a hit, to make my content popular? It can be. But it could also be that a song that is too famous ends up obscuring the images and making the video secondary to it. The video should be enhanced by the notes, not overpowered by them.

Where should I look for the right music for my project? On the net in a music library just like Shine-Library. Each track here is available for listening, evaluation and downloading in three simple licenses as needed. Once downloaded we will be free to use the music to accompany our images without legal complexities or permission issues.