Shine Library Affiliate Program

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Shine library affiliate program

Shine-library is a new brand in music licensing and royalty free music. Our affiliate program works very well: we sell a digital niche product that operates in a very narrow and defined market segment with little competition and high conversion rates. Moreover, the audio-vision market is popular and constantly expanding. This is the right time to enter this market.


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Shine Library Affiliate Benefits

50% commissions

Industry leading commissions on all sales: you get a commission of 50%, after taxes and transaction fees.

Intuitive Dashboards

Easy-to-use dashboards to launch, manage and monitor campaigns

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Our marketing team will be at your disposal for free direct support.

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What we sell?

We sell music synchronization licenses

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If a film director or a videogame developer needs a work of genius created by a third party, he must have a license to use which grants him the right to use it. The same is true for music and audio creations. Music purchased from Shine Library is royalty free. This means that after paying a one-time fee, customers can use the music they have purchased as many times as they wish (unlimited needs) for as long as they like. They never have to pay any additional licensing fees based on usage. Royalty free does not mean copyright free.

Our Niche

Our niche is made of all the professional thats operate in the audio-vision market!

Be more specific

Since we sell royalty free music with related synchronization licenses, our niche is mainly made up of companies or professional (directors, decisions makers, artist directors i.e.) that produce: films, short films, television programs, theatrical works, video games, audio books, audio guide, guided meditations, commercials and audio-video advertising, corporate video and in general multimedia products in which music has an important role. Vloggers, web serie producers, people that produce videos on Youtube, Vimeo, Twitch and similar platforms, also fall into this niche.

Most affordable prices in the market

The price of our individual licenses is about half the price of the competition and when it comes to the collections we beat everyone! Additionally, our music is exclusive to

Tell me more

We are at an early stage, where we can afford to keep a lower price than the competition while maintaining a high quality. It’s true, there are also guys who give away their music for free around the web. But when it comes to making a quality audiovisual product, which may have to be distributed on a large scale, few things about music are fundamental:

  • synchronization licenses must be clear, transparent and internationally valid
  • must have a high quality standard (mixing, file format, etc.)

We sell the music with a simplified licensing system: users’ needs are condensed in just two complete solutions, easy to understand and released at competitive prices. Our licenses are clear, simple and internationally valid and we do everything so that the audio quality of our tracks is always at the top: tracks produced by us have been used in films distributed on Amazon Prime, video games distributed by STEAM, Microsoft and Sony. But also in immersive tunnels and Cinema 4D, like Jurassic War, realized by Cinecittà World.

Moreover, our music is exclusive to us. Yes, producers can find these tracks and the relative licenses only here!

How Much Will You Make?

We pay you the 50% of commission, after taxes and transaction fees. You can make € 286 with a single sell

How do you calculate commissions?

The Shine Library Affiliate Program offers you industry leading commissions on all sales offering you the excellent commission of 50%, after taxes and transaction fees. Taxes and transaction fees amount to approximately 30%. If the customer doesn’t purchase on the first visit, our sales tracking cookie is active for up to 60 days and we reward the last affiliate. We pay you on monthly basis. We have several Music Collections (to find out more about them, check the link “Collections” in the menu), released in two licenses: Standard and Premium. Take for example our flagship product, Shine Library Music Bundle. We will call it SLMB for brevity. If you sell just one SLMB with Premium License, you’ll earn more than €300 in one fell swoop, think about it!


SLMB Standard License = €340 |  You take approx. €119

SLMB Premium License = €819 |  You take approx. € 286

How to get start?

  1. Compile our application form; it takes about 1 minute and it’s FREE.
  2. If your application is accepted, we send you login data for your affiliate area where you can create your referral links, download eye-catching banners and track your visits and conversions
  3. Affiliates will receive exclusive content via email: keywords for SEO and PPC, sales letters, lead generation instructions, ecc… Furthermore our marketing team will be at your disposal for free direct support.
  4. If you’re a Youtuber, you can also apply for our youtuber partnership program: you will receive for free a copy of Shine Library Music Bundle (standard license) for use in your youtube channel

If you need any help with the set up, please contact us.

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