Piano solo | important background effect

Piano solo | why piano music is so important to create a striking background music

Why is piano solo so important? When it comes to video products, background music is an absolutely essential element because our brain is predisposed to interact with sounds. Softer music tends to relax us while higher-pitched sounds, for example, awaken our fears; this is the result of thousands of years of evolution. The piano is the instrument that best succeeds in bringing together several sounds. Just think, for example, that when cinema was silent, it was the keyboard of this instrument that determined the mood of the story.
We have realized that music made for solo piano is really effective in making a video content unforgettable. Its use can be very incisive, think for example of a documentary or a romantic film where the piano goes to create a sense of involvement really complete.
And speaking of romance, let’s note that lovers often use piano music to express their feelings; therefore, restaurants that cater to couples often have a pianist playing live sweet music to create the perfect atmosphere.

A bit of history

The time when the concept of background music was born is the Romantic period, roughly between 1890 and the early 1900s. From that moment on, music came out of the strict rules of classical music and approached other artistic forms.
It must be kept in mind that in that period there was a real explosion of fantasy! But we will have to wait a few more years to see the birth of the concept of soundtrack.

Music for videos

Ultimately, what makes music for videos important (whether they are intended for social media audiences, advertising videos, films or video games) is that it makes the proposed work stronger, more effective and unforgettable. Remember that the choice of an appropriate background music, can determine the success of an entire work.
Music is very important because it helps to create emotional connections with the target audience. And the piano is one of the solo instruments par excellence that is best suited for this purpose. In fact, there are a number of piano soundtracks that have made themselves truly unforgettable!
If you too are thinking of using a piano soundtrack just to make your work more complete, we invite you to browse our catalog and evaluate our Piano collection.