Unlike most royalty free music sites, we possess mixing and arrangements projects of almost all tracks. This permits us to offer you the ability to customize the tracks at very deep levels. We can perform several kinds of customization on our tracks, for adapt tracks to your production needs.

  • Audio editing: cut, copy, paste, re-mounts, split, fade in/out, but also slow down and speeds up.
  • Digital Signal Processing: equalization, compressing, reverb, delay, spatialization, distortion and other DSP
  • Re-mastering
  • Overdub: maybe your project require a voice that sing in our instrumental? or some strings in our piano solo track? We can record voices and instruments for you and adapt the tracks to your needs.
  • Composition elements: if you need a deeper customization we can change some arrangement elements or remove some instruments or parts. Each project is different, so this kind of customization is not possible for every track. Please let us know your needs and we will let you know which type of customization is possible.
  • New original customized tracks: please visit Shinesoundtracks page for more informations.

Customization Prices

Customization prices depends on the kind of required intervention.

  • Audio editing, Digital Signal Processing and Mixing are charged 40 € per hour;
  • Mastering costs € 50 per track
  • Real instruments / voice overdub: you must require a quote, but to get an idea, consider that the musician cost is 40 € per hour, studio costs is 40 € per hour and composer cost depends on the kind of required intervention.
  • ​For “Composition elements” and “New original customized tracks”, please require a quote.